Loan Calculator Online introduces a new Free Online Loan Calculator. Now you can calculate your loan payments easily by simply entering a few details. Our Online Loan Calculator can be used as student loan calculator, car and auto loan calculator and much more. If you wish to calculate your home loan you can use our Mortgage Calculator in the 'Financial Calculators' section on the left.

To calculate your loan repayment simply enter the following:

  • 'Loan Amount' - a principal loan amount that you borrowed
  • 'Interest Rate' - a rate (percentage of principle amount that you have borrowed) at which you are charged as a borrower.
  • 'Loan Term (months)' - term over which you and the lender agreed that the loan should be repaid in full, including interest rate.
  • 'Date Loan Received' - date on which you have received your loan.
  • 'Payment Start Date' - date on which you will have to make your first payment for the loan you have borrowed. The loan payment start date is usually exactly 1 calendar months after you got the loan.

Then simply click 'Calculate' and you will see a very convenient comprehensive Amortization Schedule table. Our user friendly Loan Calculator allows you to check the dates on which your payments should be made, calculate your monthly loan repayment amounts, check how much exactly you are paying towards the interest as well as check your outstanding loan balance.

How to Interpret Amortization Schedule table:

- 'Payment Date' column - the date on which the next loan repayment is due. - 'Monthly Payment' - the amount that you will have to pay on the respective date.

- 'Principal' - the amount that will go towards the principal loan amount that you owe.'

- 'Interest' - the amount that will go towards interest rate payment on the amount that you have borrowed.

- 'Outstanding Balance' - the principal amount that you still have to repay.

You no longer have to wonder how much you owe, how much you pay for interest or go to the bank in order to choose the credit or loan terms. With Loan Calculator everything you need to know about the loan is available right at the convenience of your home.

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